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Active B Liquid features a unique ratio of the two biologically active forms of vit B12 called methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin in a highly absorbable sublingual form. The majority of other vit b12 products contain cyanocobalamin form which requires the body to convert it to one of the active forms in the liver. Cyanocobalamin also contains a cyanide molecule and can potentially be toxic to the body. Other products may only contain methylcobalamin which is beneficial but does not provide the adenosylcobalamin form which is the “mitochondrial ready” form. The active forms of B12 have been shown to bypass several steps in the absorption cycle which is a benefit for those with compromised digestion. Methyl B12 & adenosyl B12 absorb, retain and increase tissue concentration much better than the cyanocobalamin form of vit B12.12 Their combined use offers a myriad of benefits that would not be able to be achieved alone.

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